Your Room or Mine? - Charlotte Phillips

Source: Review Copy courtesy of HarperImpulse

1 cheating ex, 3 bottles of white wine, an emergency pep talk from the girls… and this seemed like a good idea at the time:


Izzy Shaw’s Getting-Over-Him Action List


1. eBay his entire collection of football memorabilia and spend all profits on treating myself to fabulous new wardrobe

2. Turn plans for ‘Loved-Up Mini-Break’ at exclusive boutique hotel into a weekend of spa pampering, me-time and shopping at Harvey Nics.

3. Don’t get even, get even better. Have one night stand with drop-dead gorgeous stranger – Mr Tall, Dark & Handsome in the hotel lobby is just what I need!


Your room or mine? Go on Izzy…

When you open a book and immediately get thrown in at the deep end you brave yourself for one of two things. 

1) it's gunna burn out and bore you. 

2) You're going to devour every page as your drowning in words and brilliance. 

Obviously you're wanting to know what I did when reading Your room or mine aren't you?

Well chick lit lovers I swam. Me and number two went hand in hand as I burnt my fingers on every delicious page. It is a hot, dramatic and extremely delightful tale of a bizarre one night stand, gardening and heartbreak. It's easy flow and charm captivated me and I could not put it down. It was a joy to read. 





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