Who's Your Baby Daddy? - I. Ronik

Source: Review copy courtesy of Fiction Addiction via NetGalley

Blurb: When Jasmine's best friend and roommate tells her she's pregnant, Jasmine is less than overjoyed. Especially when Roni tells her that she isn't sure just who the father is. Complicating matters is Jasmine's unwelcome attraction to her billionaire playboy boss.


What follows is a mind-blowing journey down the trail to motherhood that will test the bounds of their friendship and the limits of Jasmine's patience.

Review: As you all know, I'm a sucker for a good short story. Who's Your Baby Daddy gripped me from the very start. It is thorough and interesting, a bit spicy and heart felt. I really was enjoying it until the end. Worst ending ever

I was so gutted I honestly wanted to throw my kindle at the wall. This marvellous plot that had me lapping it up slapped me across the face and walked away. Devastated is not the word.


I still have to rate it high though because I did really enjoy it's sillyness. (It's a parody book.) 




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