Weight Till Christmas - Ruth Saberton

Source: Review copy courtesy of author

Cinder Ellie shall go to the ball. 

At least she will if she can squeeze into her party dress... 


Without a fairy godmother to wave a magic wand, Ellie Summers needs more than a pumpkin to impress her gorgeous boss. She works hard, not as a scullery maid but as a super sassy saleswoman, but he just doesn't notice her. Their company's lavish Christmas party is the opportunity Ellie's been waiting for to make a big impression. And she doesn't intend it to be winning the mince pie eating competition. 


With the help of fellow dieter Sam, a sleigh load of will power and a sprinkling of Christmas magic, Ellie knows finding her Prince Charming is just a mistletoe kiss away. 


But is her prince really so charming? Or is Christmas romance closer than she thinks? 

Firstly as a fatty myself I found this book extremely patronising and in all honesty it made me feel a lot bigger and uglier than ever. The whole point to the book is apparently no matter what size you are it shouldn't matter you're still you. But then as soon as the tables are turned and Ellie loses weight she comments on someone else piling on the pounds. Really?


I'm not writing a review after being made to feel awful and not enjoying the book anyway. I do honestly feel terrible about this, but I can only be 100% honest to both author and readers. 


I will award one point though and that will be for the character Sam. He is the best part out of the whole book.



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