Written in the Stars - Ali Harris

Source: Courtesy of Simon &Schuster via NetGalley 


Have you ever wondered 'What if…?' What if you'd taken that other job, gone on a date with that sweet guy, moved to a different city? Would an alternative life path have led to a happier ending? 


Now imagine if you could have taken both paths…


When Bea Bishop slips while walking down the aisle on her wedding day, she is momentarily knocked unconscious. And in a flash, her world splits and two separate parallel lives take her on two very different journeys. In one, Bea flees back down the aisle and out of the church. In the other, she glides blissfully towards Adam, her intended.Each path will take her on a very different journey. And each will see her life change for better and for worse. But which story will lead to her happy-ever-after?


As soon as I saw the blurb to Written in the Stars I thought about a book I'd recently read that was similar called If You're not the One by Jemma Forte. So straight away I was comparing. I know I shouldn't, but I find myself doing it a lot when books have similar plots.


To be honest I have to admit I found myself just plodding along with it really. There was no suspense, no pull, nothing that had me wanted to see more. I didn't connect at all with heroine Bea, I found her flaky and boring. I also hated her best friend Milly, god she was a bitch! I'd hate to be her mate that is for sure. I did find the connections throughout with flowers and people absolutely lovely and without the horticulture in the book I think I would have not finished it. It brought it alive.

It is extremely well written, but I just couldn't get into it. Sorry Ali. 



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