WingGirl - Nic Tatano

Source: ARC courtesy of HarperImpulse

Wing Girl: [wing-gurl] noun

1. A young, single woman frequenting liquor-serving establishments who attracts then later repels eligible men that are eventually picked up by her friends.

2. The essential accessory for dating in Manhattan.


For years guys have cruised bars using the "wing man" as a divide and conquer weapon designed to liberate a gorgeous woman from her not-so-beautiful friend.


Meet Belinda Carson, Wing Girl.


She's a kick-ass, take-no-prisoners investigative reporter fighting for truth, justice and higher ratings. But while her fame draws in the hotties, it’s unfortunate that you can’t buy a new personality at Bloomingdales!


Because up close and personal these unsuspecting suitors get fried by a snarky attitude that's sharp enough to slice a stale bagel…which leaves her grateful friends to swoop in for the delectable leftovers!


Only enough is enough – isn’t it time for Belinda to stop taking one for the team and land her own Mr Right?

29 year old investigating TV reporter Belinda Carson aka: Brass Cupcake/Wingwoman, has serious issues with the opposite sex as she interrogates them and has a terrible attitude that she's unaware of. She is lonely and desperate to meet the one. Can her friend's change her too glamorous, sophisticated Belinda by home-schooling her lessons in how to be a lady? Let lessons commence... 


Firstly I cannot get the image of Bitchin Kitchens star Nadia Giosia out of my mind thanks to the character Roxy. From her Italian ways and dramatic accent to the description of her looks. I spoke her parts in Nadia's voice!! Ay Fuhgeddaboudit. Annoying as hell, but also fantastic to have that connection. (Little taster of Nadia underneath)


WingGirl is pretty slow paced and I have to admit took me a while to finish. I just couldn't really get into it. I guessed the plot very early on and found myself getting frustrated. On the upside though, it is a very good plot and the way in which it is told and how it has been written is exceptionally good. It's not the authors fault I had issues with it. When you've read hundreds of books you do get ahead thinking sometimes. Unfortunately this was one of them times. 


I enjoyed the characters immensely, very versatile and all with their own quirks. I related too many in a lot of different ways. As for the main character Belinda however, I actually took a dislike to her. Her attitude annoyed me and her egotistical ways and demand of authority really turned me off her. Roxy's cousin Vincent made the book for me, if only all men were like him. The world would be a perfect place. 


A romantic, quirky tale of love lessons with a huge bit of drama thrown in for good measures. 



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