Why Do Fools Fall in Love - Louise Marley

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She was supposed to keep him out of trouble ...

When Shelby Roberts is forced to resign from the police, the only work she can get is as a ‘minder’ to movie star Luke McFadden. Still, spending three weeks on location in the historic city of Bath doesn’t sound too bad.

After all, how much trouble can one actor get into?


As much as I like to think I'm a tough cookie, I do love a good old romance, slushy, fairy tale book. That is exactly what Why do fools fall in love? is.

If I'm being truly honest too, it's FAIRYTALE in capitals, it's bordering Disney.


I found it a bit difficult in places to actually believe this book, some parts are very far-fetched others needing a kick up the arse. However, its overall a good book. It has a unique plot with surprise and shock elements, and loads of little twists and turns. It packs a lot into it. It's well written and has you wanting to know the outcome.
The characters are all well documented from the beginning so you get to relate to each one individually. The heroine Shelby grated on me slightly, she seemed like a scatter brain and I wanted to reach into the pages and shake her at times.


As I've stated earlier its a good book, and if you like FAIRYTALE romance then you're sure as hell will love this.



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