When Alice Met Danny - T A Williams

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Devastated after losing her job, eternal pragmatist Alice leaves London for a new start in Devon. It’s there that she meets Danny.


Then she meets another Danny.


And then she meets Daniel – Danny to his friends…


In fact, there seems to be a Danny at every turn! Her neighbour’s a Danny; there’s little baby Danny; there’s a vicar, a windsurfer, even a dog called Danny! And whether it’s laughter, comfort, a flutter of romance or a walk along the beach, they each bring something special to Alice’s new life.

You might say it’s a coincidence. Alice certainly would… at first! But when she suddenly risks losing not just one Danny, but all of them, she begins to wonder: might there be more in a name than she ever guessed?


Isn't that cover just the cutest? 

Obviously with a cover that cute and a blurb that sounds original, I was really excited to read When Alice Met Danny. I do have to be totally honest here and say as much as I found the book to be lovely, 

it did drag slightly and it was a bit to safe and old school for me. 

To give credit where credit is due though, the plot, use of characters, the twists and writing style is really good. I found the way in which author T.A. Williams tackled a mental health situation was extremely sensitive and thoughtful. I adored the town of Woodcombe and the whole village life scene, and I found the connections made with each of the characters to be a nice touch. 


As I've stated earlier I found the read to be on the older side and yes raves not my thing, but I'm more than sure that this book will be a huge success. 


A tale of love, pain, sorrow, new starts, and Danny. 


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