Virgin - Radhika Sanghani 

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I don’t need the perfect guy.

I don’t need candlelight or roses.

Honestly, I don’t even need a real bed...


Ellie Kolstakis is a twenty-one-year-old virgin.

She’s not religious.

She’s not waiting for marriage.

She’s not even holding on for The One.


Ellie’s just unlucky.


But with her final year of university coming to an end, she’s determined to shed her V-plates, once and for all.


And she’s ready to try anything - from submitting to her domineering Greek mother’s matchmaking skills to embracing the world of nether-waxing trends (no-one wants a ‘Hitler’) and even YouTube tutorials on how to give a ‘blow gift’ (it should never be a job).

After all, what has she got to lose? Well, besides the obvious.




Ellie Kolstakis is a twenty-one-year-old virgin and she's not happy about it one bit. During a Dr's visit she spots on the computer screen, Ellie Kolstakis VIRGIN. Obviously this isn't a surprise to her, but it mortifies her so much that she is adamant that something had to be done about it, the conclusion being by the end of university she will have lost her virginity. Not a hard task you may think, but this is Ellie we're talking about and that alone is guaranteed to end in disaster. On top of that it's only four months away until the end of her final year. With help from uni friend Emma they set up a blog about all things vagina related called vlog and with that running smoothly they concentrate on Ellie's vagina.


This is a good time book. It is sassy, clever and real. It is a girls best friend and has you snorting with laughter into your cuppa. 


From the start of Virgin I knew I was going to like it. It was fast, gritty and funny! Protagonist Ellie had me on one hand sympathising with her and on the other laughing at her. Being of Greek heritage I could only howl with laughter at her attempts to de fuzz the dark coarse hair on her body. Being a dark haired girl myself I have done it all and could connect fully to her. I adored friend Emma and her I don't give a shit that I've slept with more than thirty men attitude, and I found their vlog to not only be interesting, but something author Radhika Sanghani should definitely set up. It would definitely be a huge success.


I love reading books that are honest, and this is a book that is nothing more than that. Reading about masturbation, blow jobs, pubes and nipple hair was not in any way a bad thing like some would think. It was thoroughly entertaining and one hell of a read. 


Girls get ordering your copy. 



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