Uptown Girl - Sophie Kinsella

Source: Review copy from endeavour Press

Emma Hastings has it all - a successful career as a fashion model, a flat in Kensington and now she may have even found her leading man, the wealthy and charming Jason Rothschild who ticks all the right boxes.

Her days are filled with photo shoots and shopping trips. Her evenings are spent at dinners and glamorous launch parties.

She is seemingly living the dream.

But dreams can so often turn into nightmares.

After a number of chance encounters with the car mechanic William Flynn, Emma starts to evaluate what it means to truly live and love.

So, you know me well enough by now to understand my way of reviewing and thinking with books. I will always, always give a book the benefit of the doubt if it starts off bad. This is what I did with Uptown Girl. Will I ever get the hour or so back it took me to read this pretentious ghastly book? no I won't.

I was more than appalled at references throughout and to be fair it put me right off and I couldn't dismiss that. I'm extremely sorry darling readers, but I have actually found a book I seriously disliked. Very distasteful. I do understand some people live their lives like many in the novella and my heart goes out to them dearly. Money can buy riches, but love, honesty and respect give much more than anything money can buy. Yes that is what the author is trying to get across in her story, but it's done in the worst way possible.

I recommend you read this book to make up your own mind. Who knows you may like it.



Uptown Girl


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