(Un)like a virgin - Lucy-Anne Holmes

Source: Personal Copy

Is Gracie in love for the very first time?

You know that bit in The X Factor, when the singer tells everyone about the rocky road they travelled to pursue their dream? Well, that's Gracie Flowers' story. Gracie is very focused for a woman of almost twenty-six. Her favourite book is 'The 5-Year Plan: Making the Most of Your Life'. And her five-year plan is going very well. That is, until she is usurped from her big promotion by a handsome, posh idiot; she is dumped by her boyfriend; and discovers her loopy mother is facing bankruptcy. Hormones awry and ice cream over-ordered, a dream Gracie thought she'd buried ten years ago starts to resurface. A dream that reminds her of the girl she used to be and everything she wanted to become.

When the world is tough and life's getting you down, we all have our own little things to cheer us up. I have three.

They are: 

1) Books.

Books because reading allows you escape reality. 

2) Music.

Music because let's face it music makes everything better.

3) The love of my Husband.

This because his hugs and fod kisses make me remind me how protected I am by him. 


When I read the blurb to (Un)like a virgin, I thought great a fast, funny, girly read. Oh my I was wrong. I was so so wrong. (Un)like a virgin is my three cheer up items wrapped into one. (Un)like a virgin is a book that I will treasure forever. This is a book that puts us face-to-face with problems and life situations that we may never go up against in reality. This book brings so much reality and life to you that you forget its fiction. This book melts your heart in every single way possible. Pages of sorrow, pages of happiness, pages of despair, pages of magic. Magic pages that have you tingling with pleasure, fear, tears, laughter & goosies. 


A short review I leave you with, but a promise that this is a book of ultimate charm. I honestly adored every single page. 



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