The Worst Girlfriend in the World - Sarra Manning

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My best friend was now my deadliest enemy, the one person I'd hate beyond all measure for the rest of my life . . .


Franny Barker's best friend, Alice, is the worst girlfriend in the world according to the many boys of Merrycliffe-on-Sea. She toys with them, then dumps them. But she'll never dump fashion-obsessed Franny. Nothing and no one can come between them.


Not even tousle-haired rock god, Louis Allen, who Franny's been crushing on hard. Until Alice, bored with immature boys and jealous of Franny's new college friends, sets her sights on Louis. Suddenly, best friends are bitter rivals.


Is winning Louis's heart worth more than their friendship? There's only one way for Franny to find out.


The worst girlfriend in the world is Alice Jenkins or so it says on the wall of the boys toilets. Obviously she thinks that's funny and adapts it to use as her twitter name. Not everyone finds it as amusing as her though. With only one friend in the whole world Franny B she is enemy number one to more or less every teenage girl in Merrycliffe-On-Sea because let's face it she can't keep her hands off anyone's boyfriend and every boy thinks she's super hot. Franny B on the other hand is an eclectic, stylish, wannabe fashion designer with a four-year die hard crush on local lad Louis Allen the lead singer of Thee Desperadoes, and knows there's more to Alice than meets the eye that is before Alice decides she actually likes Louis also and maybe they should just let the best girl win.


Oooo what a bitchy, brilliant, book. I absolutely loved it. It took me right back to being sixteen. Author Sarra Manning has done a fantastic job with being able to put down in words how hard it was to be accepted and how we all have to fight for survival against each other even though we actually didn't need too. She has perfectly given us a totally relatable story that will have is rooting for certain characters, feeling emotional and sad for certain family situations and excited and happy for certain goings on. Franny B is a brilliant protagonist. She's smart, chic, extremely in the know regarding fashion, and has a-head-on her shoulders most 18 year olds don't have. She gives us a fantastic picture of life in Merrycliffe-On-Sea and on how important friendships are.



The Worst Girlfriend in the World is my first Manning YA book and I am chuffed to bits with it. I'm straight away going to purchase some more. I would definitely recommend this to you all. 


A funny and heartwarming tale of friendship, love and being sixteen. 



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