The Snow Globe - Kristin Harmel

Source: Personal copy

Christmas Eve, 1942, Paris.

A boy stands beneath the statue of Liberte in the Jardin du Luxembourg, awash in a flurry of snowflakes, on the eve of his sixteenth birthday. Time is running out – the curfew means he needs to get home, this is a dangerous time to be on the streets. But then he catches sight of a young girl called Rose, and his fate is sealed...

It's 1942 in Paris and we meet a young Jewish boy the day before his sixteenth birthday when he meets Rose a young Parisian who he falls on love with. We watch them fall in love and him honour their love with a family heirloom snow globe. A year on, but this time in the Auschwitz concentration camps were the young Jewish boy is now a labourer.


If I'm being totally honest with you here I didn't get it. I got the meaning of it, but I don't think I saw the point of it. I suppose it could be a nice little love novella. I'm not sure though. I'm told The Snow Globe is just a short Christmas story written to complement the novel The Sweetness of Forgetting, so I think I'm going to read that to see how it works out.




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