The Mini Break - Jane Costello

Source: Own Copy.


When Sophie's friend Anisha is sent on her first foreign trip in her job at a travel agency - and gets to take Sophie with her - she jumps at the chance of some time away.


But what Sophie doesn't realise is that there is a catch - a rather large catch. The five-star hotel is also a world-renowned golf resort. And its owners have offered the holiday on the basis of the girls' golfing prowess. Of which they possess quite literally none...


Sophie and Anisha are surrounded by ultimate luxury in their five star hotel I'm Murcia, Alicante. Spas, cocktails, sea, they should be in utter bliss right? Well they're not. Sophie and Anisha are there under false pretences and are posing as professional golfers. The hotel they're in is a golfers dream and just happens to be holding a competition too. Oops!


I was extremely disappointed with The Mini Break as it was so short. Yes, it's a novella, but as soon as it started and you settled into the story, it just stops and it's over. Being totally honest though, it wasn't actually that good either.


The rest of the book is a taster into Jane Costello's newest novel The Time Of Our Lives which actually sounds fantastic. I am looking forward to reading it. I'd give full marks for the taster, but unfortunately I'm not reviewing that am I?



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