The Last Word - A.L. Michael

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Tabby Riley’s online life was a roaring success. Her blog had hundreds of followers, and legions of young fans ardently awaited her every Tweet. Her real life was a bit more of a disappointment. Living in a shared flat in North London, scratching a living writing magazine articles on ‘How To Please Your Man in Bed’ wasn’t where she thought she’d be at twenty-six – especially when there was a serious lack of action in her own bedroom.


Although that might all be about to change when she’s offered a position at online newspaper The Type as a real journalist – and gains a sexy new editor, Harry Shulman, to work with. Harry’s confident, smooth talking, and completely aware that he drives Tabby mad. Which is fine, because Tabby’s dated an editor before, and it’s never happening again. Ever. But as her reputation at the paper grows, Tabby has to wonder: is it time to get out from behind the screen and live her life in the real world?


You know sometimes when you read a book and you connect so much with a character it kinda freaks you out a bit? Well, that's what's happened with me and The Last Word heroine Tabby.


Tabby or Tabitha is a twenty-six year old freelance writer and bloggerific, insecure crack pot. We watch her as she finally starts getting her life back on track after a severe a few years previously. Not only did this effect her career wise, but also in a very damaging mental way. Trying to move on as she's constantly belittled by her mother, is heartbreaking, but her new Editor Harry Shulman sees in her not only the brilliance her writing offers, but also the brilliance in her as a person. To be fair everyone sees it, but Tabs. It's just a matter of time before she throws it all away and hits rock bottom again.


I loved this book. I mean seriously loved it though. It had me gripped from the start, laughing at it's sarcastic and brilliant humour, and biting back tears of sadness. It's a book full of bumps that if you were a car your suspension would be well and truly effed up. I couldn't get enough. I think every girl who reads this book will connect with Tabby. She is one of us and that's what gives this read a winning formula. She could be you, your friend, your sister.. It's real and that's what I like. 


I'm not giving anything away with this except how much I loved it, and how much you'd be a fool not to have this on your Kindle/iPad/Kobo/e-reader. It's fresh, fast and completely on trend for chick lit and contemporary lovers, but had that magical romance feeling and a bit of hotness that you just can't help but love. Oh an it will so make you appreciate your own mother believe me! 


A book of life, love, friendship and honesty. 

Absolutely brilliant!


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