The one plus one - JoJo Moyes

Source: Review copy courtesy of Penguin Via Netgalley

Suppose your life sucks. A lot. Your husband has done a vanishing act, your stepson is being bullied and your daughter has a once in a lifetime opportunity . . . that you can't afford to pay for.

So imagine you kept some money that didn't belong to you, knowing it would pay for your daughter's happiness and in so doing make life a tiny bit more bearable all-round.

But how do you cope with the shame? Especially when the man you've lied to decides to help you out in your hour of need . . .

Jess is in hell - her family is stranded on a pavement in the middle of the night and Ed is their knight in shining armour. How on earth is she going to make it through their crazy and impromptu road trip without confessing her crime?

Is her family's fleeting chance of happiness worth this agonizing guilt?

And yet again JoJo Moyes strikes us with a something so full of raw emotion, honesty and real life, that you're left shaking your head and thinking how on earth does she do that? 


The one plus one is such an enlightening tale of people in turmoil, whether it be a child being bullied for being different, a single mother desperately trying to make ends meet, or a rich business who's made a stupid mistake which could cost him his business and everything he owns in the process. It shows situations that everyday people face and let's us agonise and see how small things such as kindness can change your way of thinking and there for change you life in the process. It's honesty has you stuck in its pages and loving every single minute of it. 


I absolutely loved this book. I giggled and shook my head in disgust like it was actually happening to me and my life. It was so refreshing to read a love story that's based not just on love and romance, but on love on so many different levels. I am a sucker for reality in fiction and this is 100% that. 


An absolute cracker of a book. I can not wait to re read this in paperback on release in February 2014.




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