The I.T. Girl - Fiona Pearse

Source: Review copy from endeavour press

Orla Hanlon is taking on a new city, a new job and a new romance.
A software programmer working in the heart of London’s financial district, she is an ambitious woman trying to make her mark in a man’s world. 
As a romance begins at work, Orla thinks she has everything under control: hard-working, driven and confident, her life seems to be falling into place.
But when a bug in her code causes chaos on the trading floor, she becomes an easy scapegoat.
Suddenly she is dragged into a world of politics and power games. 
And Orla must fight to save both her career and her relationship. 


The I.T. girl follows hardworking, headstrong Irish Orla as she battles in her new role as a senior in CouperDaye. Numerous obstacles approach her and with her continuous strive for perfection and her need for everything done with her in control, she starts to wilt under the pressure. As the pressure takes hold it also takes hold of her non existing social life and her one chance of love.


I found the I.T. Girl extremely challenging. It is focused mainly on Orla's day job and is written in computer terms and references that I honestly couldn't understand. The majority of the book went over my head because of that. The plot to the book is good and I would have liked to see a lot more of Orla out of work as the times we see her in these situations are only short. I think if I knew a bit about whatever it is she did, then I would have enjoyed this book a lot. It has little parts which I liked and I was intrigued to find out who Columbus was. Overall it was OK.


If you like computers and I.T, codes and all that kinda stuff then this book is definitely for you.



The I.T. Girl 

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