The Desperate Wife's Survival Plan - Alison Sherlock

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Charley Summers doesn't have a care in the world. She lives in the lap of luxury, supported by her rich husband and surrounded by a loyal group of friends.


Until the business goes bust and her world collapses. Before long the bailiffs have taken everything, and as if things weren't bad enough, she catches her husband with another woman. Suddenly, Charley needs a job, any job, so she can start repaying some of the money her husband squandered.


But with nowhere to live and no recognisable skills, how on earth is she to do that?


Charley needs a survival plan fast!


The Desperate Wife's Survival Plan follows spoiled rich Charlotte Summers or Charly to her friends on her journey from riches to rags.

Accompanying her on this journey is her ex next door neighbour and friend Julie, who is single, lonely, and is taken advantage of by her son. Old school friend Caroline, who is trying her very best to be mother of the year to daughter Flora, and lastly Samantha, a stuck up, whining, man eater. Binding them all together is Charly's homemade ice-creams on their scheduled meeting nights at their homes each fortnight.


I absolutely loved this book, from the very start it reads like a dream, flows perfectly and has you stuck to the pages. It's full of love, friendship and drama. A tale of life and how to deal with it when the going gets tough. It covers most financial strains in everyone's worlds and also covers some areas that need addressing more in people's lives not just financially either, medical wise, family wise, relationship wise, friendship wise. It really does have you eating out of its hands. Well, it also has you eating ice-cream too like, but that is never ever a bad thing is it? 

The combination of characters are also balanced brilliantly allowing you to feel for each individual case surrounding them, well almost all Samantha I couldn't bare. She's a selfish cow. Anyway, they're brilliantly balanced and well documented even the back characters like Auntie Peggy and Charly's nan, she is utterly hysterical. 


I honestly could write a million words about this book but I won't, I'll leave it here, but urge you to pick up a copy. 


If your a chick lit, romance lover it's seriously one for you. Full of charm, love, friendship and ice-cream. 




The Desperate Wife's Survival Plan

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