The Girl Who Was Saturday Night - Heather O'Neill

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At birth, Nouschka forms a bond with her twin that can never be broken.

At six, she's the child star daughter of Quebec's most famous musician. At sixteen, she's a high-school dropout kicking up with her beloved brother.

At nineteen, she's the Beauty Queen of Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

At twenty, she's back in night school. And falling for an ex-convict.

And it's all being filmed by a documentary crew.



Hmm OK, I am more than seriously baffled at what the hell I have just read. I was nothing but confused and disorientated. There are things in it like this,

• A friend of Noushka had sex with a German shepherd.

• Noushka deciding to spice up her sex life and this is basically what gets said and done.

'Lets do role-play?'

'OK I'll pick you and rape you!'

'Yeah that sounds good!'


See? And on top of all this everything is covered by the media. My head is absolutely everywhere.This is not my thing at all. If this is what upcoming books are, then I'll be sticking to my old books thank you very much. Anyway, proper review time. I think I got the gist of it, but I may be wrong. Basically it's about how circumstances in childhood can be the pathway into our futures. How mentally challenging they were and still are to some. Once you get over the bullshit, weirdness and cats. Yes Cats! lots and lots of cats that just go into your home and onto your bed even though theyre strays. Sorry going off track there wasn't I?. Well if you try forget all that and concentrate on the backstory that's there, then you're OK. It's actually quite deep. Nico & Noushka only have each other and when they are separated it becomes far to much for them because they've both took it upon each other to be the carer for the other.


Baffled seriously baffled, but seriously understanding the bond it shows between family. I think this is one you're going to have to form your own opinion on.





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