Trust Games - Simon Packham

Source: Courtesy of Piccadilly Press


When kind, charismatic new drama teacher, Mr Moore, arrives at school, Beth s life starts to look up. She s cast as the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, and as she grows close to super-popular Hannah (Juliet), Beth finally has the female friend she s been yearning for. Meanwhile it seems that all the girls including Beth are in love with Mr Moore. And when a scandal breaks, Beth must make a decision that can only have dire consequences for everyone involved.


Following sixteen year old Beth Bridges as she tries to befriend fellow Drama student Hannah Taylor turns out to be a lot harder than she imagined. Beth isn't one of the in-crowd and she has only ever had one friend, Grunt. Grunt or George Grant does not like Beth's plan at all and constantly tries to make her see sense. When a scandal breaks out in school, Beth needs to put her friendship with both Hannah and Grunt to the test, but who can she trust?  


Being totally honest I didn't love Trust Games. I guessed early on in the book what was going on and it seemed to drag a lot until three quarters of the way through were it then stuffed a whole lot into a tiny space.  I did like the plot though, and the characters are well written and brought enough depth to the table for me to get through the book. It is a delicate subject that has been approached and I think Simon Packman did a brilliant job at making sure the consequences were told. I loved the friendship between Beth and Grunt, my heart went out to him as it was plainly obvious he was in love with her. 


To be fair I would recommend this book. It will be one of those that you need your own opinion on. I think it will be an eye opening novel for some. 



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