The Christmas Spirit - Susan Buchanan

Source: Review Copy courtesy of author

Christmas is coming, but not everyone is looking forward to it. Rebecca has just been dumped and the prospect of spending the holiday period with her parents is less than appealing. Eighty- two year old Stanley lost his beloved wife, Edie, to cancer. How will he cope with his first Christmas without her? Jacob’s university degree hasn’t helped him get a job, and it looks like he’ll still be signing on come New Year. Workaholic Meredith would rather spend December 25th at home alone with a ready meal and a DVD box set. Can anything make her embrace the spirit of the season? The enigmatic Natalie Hope takes over the reins at the Sugar and Spice bakery and café in an attempt to spread some festive cheer and restore Christmas spirit, but will she succeed? 

I really don't know how to write a review about this book without giving anything away. So I'm just going to give you my thoughts very quickly.


As a whole the plot to the book is magical and it has been well researched and written extremely well. The characters are all likeable and you are honoured with their private stories. I did have one little issue whilst reading The Christmas Spirit and it is that the book is written by dates and during this you get everyone's story in them, this didn't work well for me as I would just get into it then it would flip into someone else. It made it just a bit long for me. 


I would recommend this book to anyone wanting an unusual Christmas book of Christmas Spirit. 



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