The Christmas Bake Off - Abby Clements

Source: Personal Copy

With Christmas just around the corner, the residents of Skipley village are gearing up for the annual bake off, and tensions are high. 


Winning means a lot to everyone involved – talented cake-shop owner Katie dreams of baking stardom, Rachel wants to prove she's more than a stay-at-home mum, and John hopes his culinary skills will impress the woman he loves. 


But when the judges discover that some cakes have been tampered with, the villagers' loyalties are called into question - whose ambition would stretch to sabotage, and why?

What could be better than a book about cake, sabotage, romance and Christmas? Exactly nothing. 


The Christmas bake off is short, sweet and utterly festive.

We're met with a mix of different, but lovely characters all with their own reasons to enter and win their villages annual Christmas bake off. Met with sabotage, they're all in shock. Who on earth would do such a thing?


Abby Clements is a magical writer and has you eating out of the palms of her hands with this darling little novella. It really is lovely. I'm guessing the Cinnamon Stars and Vanilla Moons I'll be making from the recipes at the back of book will be lovely too. 



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