Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband - Natalie Young

Source: Courtesy of Tinder Press


Meet Lizzie Prain. Ordinary housewife. Fifty-something. Lives in a cottage in the woods, with her dog Rita. Likes cooking, avoids the neighbours. Runs a little business making cakes.


No one has seen Lizzie's husband, Jacob, for a few days. That's because last Monday, on impulse, Lizzie caved in the back of his head with a spade. And if she's going to embark on the new life she feels she deserves after thirty years in Jacob's shadow, she needs to dispose of his body. Her method appeals to all her practical instincts, though it's not for the faint-hearted. Will Lizzie have the strength to follow it through?



Fifty three year old Lizzie has killed Jacob her husband of thirty years. To make sure she is not convicted of murder she chops him up, pops him in the freezer, then eats him.


Now I have no idea what on earth I have just read. I really, really, really don't! I do know that I want to be sick though. Being fair I actually don't think I understood it properly, but I was glued to the pages and could not get enough.


It is shockingly twisted, but bizarrely brilliant!



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