Stop The Clock - Alison Mercer

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Three friends, beginning the risky business of being grown-up.


Lucy knows exactly what she wants: her marriage to be a success, her children to be perfect, and to be the ultimate home-maker.


Tina knows what she wants too: her journalism career to take off and to see her name as a byline in a national newspaper... and the illicit affair she's started leaves her free enough to follow her dreams.


Natalie just wants to be happy - happy with the boyfriend she's dated since college, happy with the job she's drifted into, happy with a life she thinks is enough - but is it really?


Ten years later, all three women have the lives they thought they wanted. But somehow, reality isn't quite as neat and clean-cut as their dreams...

Stop the clock Follows the lives of three best friends during the most testing times of their existence so far. All secretly struggling and scared to tell each other the truth. After Lucy, Natalie and Tina give each other their 10 year plan, will they have stuck to it.


I have to be honest and say at times this book did drag for me. It seemed to lose its way a bit during the middle. It did pick up again though and I was happy to continue with it and enjoy it. The plots are good and the characters strong, reliable and extremely different which brings a lot of diversity into the plots. They have been divided enough so you get to know each of the characters personally and as a trio.


Overall the book is a nice, straight read with a few twists along the lines. 


I recommend this book if you enjoy romance, struggles and friendship.



Stop The Clock

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