Starry Night - Debbie Macomber

Source: Review Copy courtesy of Arrow Books

Carrie Slayton, a big-city society-page columnist, longs to write more serious news stories. So her editor hands her a challenge first: Carrie must score the paper an interview with Finn Dalton, the notoriously reclusive author.



Living in Alaskan wilderness, Finn has written a bestselling book about surviving in the wild. But he stubbornly declines to speak to anyone, and no one even knows exactly where he lives. With her career at stake, Carrie sacrifices her family celebrations and flies out to snowy Alaska. When she finally finds Finn, she discovers a man both more charismatic and more stubborn than she expected. And soon Carrie is torn between pursuing the story of a lifetime and following her heart.

Society page Journalist Carrie Slayton is bored and wants to sink her teeth into proper news features. Handing in her notice her boss gives her one chance to prove herself. If she manages to track down and get an interview with author Finn Dalton she's out of society and in with the big boys. What Carrie doesn't know is Finn Dalton is a survivalist who lives alone someplace in Alaskan wilderness. 


You know when you read a book and get so involved emotionally that nothing else matters? Well that's what happened to me whilst reading Starry Night. I was swept off my feet and into a tale of love, lies, women issues and snow that I truly couldn't and wouldn't put down my kindle.

This book can honestly only be described as a gorgeous read and I really haven't enjoyed a book like I did this for a very long time. 


Old school Romance at it's very best. 



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