Suddenly Last Summer - Sarah Morgan

Source: Review copy courtesy of Harlequin


There are some summers you’ll remember forever Fiery chef Élise is determined to make this summer one of them – but, with the grand opening of her chic French café falling apart, it looks like it might be for all the wrong reasons. Until Sean O’Neil comes back to town. 

Last Summer Élise and Sean shared one hazy whirlwind night together – and Élise is looking forward to repeating their last encounter. As long as she can stick to her one-night-only rule and listen to her head rather than her heart. After all, Sean hates life in his home town and is planning on leaving again as soon as he can. But recapturing last summer’s magic could change everything…


When I found out Suddenly Last Summer was the second book in the O'Neill brother series I was made up. I loved Sleigh Bells in the Snow (Book one), and I was really looking forward to heading back to the Snow Crystal resort in the beautiful Vermont mountains, and the home and warmth of the O'Neill family. 


This time we're here with Dr. Sean O'Neill, a man who is a work obsessed orthopaedic surgeon, sex god, and commitment-phobe, and fiery French chef, heartless, commitment shy and hoarder of secrets Elise. Told from both Sean and Elise we get a glimpse into two worlds that are extremely similar, but also so very much different, as they are thrown together again after a night of hot passion six months ago. Both refusing to allow anything at all to happen starts causing havoc in both of their lives and the lives of the other O'neill family members. 


I so need to go on vacation to Snow Crystal. It's so not fair that it's fiction!  I really enjoyed Suddenly Last Summer, it is full of passion, drama and secrets and yet again you are captivated by Sarah Morgans fluent and perfectly paced words that you are totally gripped. I absolutely adore the banter of the brothers and that nothing is too much trouble for them. Their charm and looks do not go a miss either. A few towards and turns in the book throw us and I like that as it kept me interested. They seemed to be in just the right places too. I have to be honest and say it did get a tad repetitive though. Other than that though it is a thoroughly entertaining read. One I'd recommend to you for sure. I'm looking forward to the next in the series. 


Delicious food, delicious men and Pinot Noir. What more could a girl ask for?


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