Step Back In Time - Ali McNamara

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How many lifetimes would you travel to find a love that lasts for ever?


When single career girl Jo-Jo steps onto a zebra crossing and gets hit by a car, she awakes to find herself in 1963. The fashion, the music, her job, even her romantic life: everything is different. And then it happens three more times, and Jo-Jo finds herself living a completely new life in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The only people she can rely on are Harry and Ellie, two companions from 2013, and George, the owner of a second-hand record store.


If she's ever to return from her travels, Jo-Jo must work out why she's jumping through time like this. And if she does make it back, will her old life ever be the same again?

How do I write a full on review for Step Back In Time without giving something away?! I can't do it. Everything I want to say will end up with spoilers and that's something I don't want to do. Aarrrrgggghhhh. I'll try my best, here goes....


A zebra crossing, a white sports car, a clear sky. These three things become accountant Jo-Jo McKenzie's worse nightmare. After being hit by the said white sports car, Jo-Jo is transported back in time. Why? She does not know, but that is the one thing she needs to help her find her way home.


Step Back In Time is jam packed full of adventure and chaos. We are transported back to the 60s/70s/80s & 90s with Jo-Jo and we get to meet some smashing characters on the way. From Legendary music moguls, Hippies and Punks, to gangsters, teachers and Take That inspired drag queens. The list is endless and you fall in love with most characters you meet. We see some lovely friendships blossoming along the way and a romance building strong.
The Book is witty, endearing and has you second guessing what is going to happen next. It's a fabulous read and I'm positive every chick lit fan will own a copy.


I did however have one bit of an issue with it. Ellie, Jo-Jo's PA from Liverpool. As you know I'm from Liverpool so reading a book with a scouse character in can be very testing. We are proud of our accent and are stereotyped terribly for it. I'm afraid to say that in this case Ellie and a few of her sayings were most definitely not scouse but the stereotypical things most people think we say. In typical Liverpool lingo she basically sounded like a wool. Think Paul Hollywood, Nicola Roberts, that accent. She might as well have worn kitten heels too. For that I have to take 0.5 from a star.

Sorry Ali, I Love you dearly and I adored Step Back In Time, but I'm afraid to say that really gnawed at me throughout. Luckily you more than made up for it with your fabulous plot, brilliant take on songs and a gorgeous trip back in time.


Get the kettle on girls, You're going back in time and having your heart melted on the way.



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