Sexting - G.B. Hope

Source: Netgalley


English writer, Michael Lincoln, embarks on an internet relationship with a younger fan, Elise McHugh, who comes from Singapore. 
Despite her innate shyness, and his concerns over the age gap, things quickly hot up, becoming raunchy and intense. But there is also a touching, soul mate bond there between them, as they follow each other’s successes and troubles in their real lives. 

Elise, nineteen years old, is an absolute darling: petite, black-haired, black-eyed, very cheeky, and, despite being the daughter of a wealthy property developer, she is genuine, sweet and principled – a well brought-up girl in strict Singapore. 

Michael, thirty-seven, is recently divorced, trying to keep up contact with his daughter, while working at selling his crime novels. He instantly adores Elise, but struggles to justify the eighteen years and 9,000 miles between them. He finds her to be great company, using his love of words to fulfil her wish to be brought out of her shell. Soon they are enjoying conversation, cheeky banter, sex stories and eventually, frantic, explicit sexting. 
At the same time they both explore relationships where they live, while trying to get to a place where they can see about possibly getting together. 
Will they ever find time to get together in the real world?


To be really honest I have to say I did not like this book whatsoever. It actually turned my stomach a bit. I was confused from the start with poor introductions to characters and I found the book to have no flow, pace, and it to drag. There were a few things that confused me too, one being that his daughter goes from calling him dad to mister with no reason why for the reader to understand. Another being one if his GoodReads friends name is Irene Cathy yet her name changes to Irene Hannah, yet again with no reason to why. In the end I decided to put down the book and not finish it as I was feeling rather iffy reading it. Especially about the sex stories about rape, and him masturbating. Don't get me wrong here I'm no prude and I have read harsh erotica that has had my eyes wide, but this just reads sleazy and I'm just not very comfortable with it.

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