Rent a Husband - Sally Mason

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Dumped for a younger woman, delicious divorcée Darcy Pringle is determined to make a splash at her California town's Spring Ball. But she doesn't have a hot date. When a friend dares her to rent one: hunky womanizer Forrest Forbes, gone from riches to rags and desperate for cash, Darcy turns her life (and her bed!) topsy-turvy in this sexy romantic romp.

Rent a husband follows the turbulent lives of Darcy Pringle, a divorcee who has been left heartbroken by her cheating ex-husband Porter. She is forced by best friend Eric to hire silver spooned posh boy Forrest Forbes to escort her to a ball. Forrest who has been living a life of poverty for many years and whom has a terrible gambling problem jumps at the chance for some extra cash. Billy Bigelow a clumsy book and coffee shop owner who is secretly in love with Darcey, makes the mistake of ignoring the advances of other women and happiness in the process, especially from his newest employee Bronte Baines, Lastly there is evil-eyed neighbour from hell Carlotta McCourt who is extremely jealous of Darcey as she believes she stole Porter Pringle from her back in High school and therefore should be living Darcey's life. They all link together in a small town of Santa Sofia where eyes and ears are everywhere and it seems an awful lot of bad luck.


Being brutally honest the book starts of slow, but surprisingly picks up dramatically in the middle. The overall plot is good and all sub plots help the book greatly along the way keeping it entertaining and intriguing. It has many twists, turns and drama throughout with a bit of humour, sadness and a lot of romance. 


I did find a few things irritating throughout though, for example Billy's constant clumsiness, I get that that's his thing, but it was far too much which makes it hard to digest and has you slightly bored of it half way through. Regardless of that though its good book.


I'm sure it will be well-received by many and enjoyed tremendously.
Topsy turby small town chick lit, full of romance, gossip and drama.



Rent a Husband

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