Recipe For Disaster - Nina Harrington

Source: Review Copy sent from Publisher

Take one estranged Italian family, a celebrity chef cousin, add a secret inheritance, a pinch of family rivalry and a red hot hunk for taste. Mix and simmer until boiling point! Bunty Brannigan knew turning thirty would be tough, but she never expected her life would unravel before the candles on her cake had been blown out... But before Bunty can say Mozzarella, she discovers that she is in line to inherit controlling shares in the Caruso family business and someone has attacked her charming celebrity chef cousin Luca in her deli. Throw in a sizzling hot Italian lawyer and her birthday has turned Bunty’s world upside down!

Hate, hate, hate it when a book is so gripping and gets you really interested then just stops, just finishes. I hate it. It makes me want to scream. 


Whilst enjoying the fantastic story of the lovely deli owner and chef Bunty Branningam as she takes on her multi millionaire family and their food empire the Carusso's I was deeply engorged in Italian love gods, gorgeous food, underhanded going ons, vintage couture and lots and lots of drama that the book was devoured within hours. I fell in love with Bunty and her best friend Alex from the very start and loved how their friendship had taken on a form of sisters more.


This is a lovely little book and I am devastated that it ends so abruptly, I really am :(

However, I insist you get yourself a copy because it is a charming, funny and a really great book. You might even like how it ends.  



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