Plus one is a Lucky Number - Teresa F.Morgan

Source: Review Copy courtesy of HarperImpulse

The Wedding Favour


Sophie’s going to a wedding where the invite is strictly plus one… but with her single girl status not exactly fitting in with the bridesmaid dress code, and the best man being none other than the ex she would rather forget, Sophie needs a favour and she needs it fast!


Luckily for Sophie, her dreamy but distant co-worker Adam Reid owes their mutual friend James big time…and his gorgeousness more than fills the role of the ‘Perfect Boyfriend’!


As they take off to the sunny shores of Cornwall for the wedding weekend, it’s not long before pretence leads to passion and Sophie and Adam must decide; is their relationship real or is it all for show?

We follow Sophie Trewyn a shy, hard-working and extremely nervous, brain box who is forced to go home to Cornwall for a family wedding. Awaiting her there is nothing but bad memories and a broken heart. Taking along Adam a friend of her friend James's as her pretend boyfriend, will it be plain sailing or a complete and utter disaster? 


Ahhh what a lovely book this is. Made me get a warm inside it did. Full of charisma, charm, lust and lies. A perfect read for us girls with our head in the clouds with Love. Plus One Is A Lucky Number is not the typical boy meets girl, they fall in love, the end, love story that we're are so used to. It is more like a nice paced car ride with a lot of pesky speed bumps in the way. You know what I mean right? (They are so annoying.)

Lies and selfishness are the speed bumps in this read and I loved passing each and every one of them by.


Most characters are relatable too and a few you want to punch in the mouth. My favourite has to be Sophie herself. She is a proper girl, very down to earth and someone I know if in real life I would get on famously with. For that reason I rooted for her from the minute I found out about her saga. Bless her. 


Definitely worth a read this one. Especially as the days are getting colder, something warm and lovely to take the edge away from our chilly bones. 



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