Not What They Were Expecting- Neal Doran

Source: Courtesy of Carina via Netgalley


Life can be complicated. And complications are the last thing you need when a baby’s on the way.


But when Rebecca and James announce their joyful news, little do they know the road to baby bliss is far from smooth. Not only has James lost his job, but he can’t find another and can’t tell his wife why. Meanwhile Rebecca’s own family has picked the worst possible time to start to fall apart, and are relying on her to try and fix it.

As secrets begin to permeate their lives Rebecca and James end up wondering are they really ready to be parents after all…


But it’s too late now – and the expectant couple are about to learn that life doesn’t always turn out quite as you expect it.


After hearing an awful lot about this book, I was eager to read it. It promised me a lighthearted rom-com read. To be totally honest with you that's not what I got. I'm not saying it's not a good book because it is, it just wasn't my thing exactly. Plot and characters were great and yes I did giggle more than few times, but I just felt it dragged. I was only a quarter of the way into it and already felt like I needed a break from it. It did get better during the end though and I enjoyed the ending a lot.



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