My Husband Next Door - Catherine Alliott

Source: Review copy from Michael Joseph

Step into Alliott country with the fabulously funny and wonderfully heartwarming My Husband Next Door.



When Ella married the handsome, celebrated artist Sebastian Montclair at just nineteen she was madly in love. Now, those blissful years of marriage have turned into the very definition of an unconventional set-up. Separated in every way but distance, Sebastian resides in an outhouse across the lawn from Ella's ramshackle farmhouse.


With an ex-husband living under her nose and a home crowded by hostile teenaged children, gender-confused chickens - not to mention her hyper critical mother whose own marriage slips spectacularly off the rails - Ella finds comfort in the company of the very charming gardener, Ludo.



Then out of the blue Sebastian decides to move on, catching Ella horribly unawares. How much longer can she hide from what really destroyed her marriage . . . and the secret she continues to keep?

Around 65% into My Husband Next Door, I put down my kindle and spent a good few minutes analysing the book as a whole. You see I wasn't too sure what I was reading. I didn't understand the storyline, didn't get the backgrounds of the characters or the whole way in which the book speaks. I told myself to carry on and not to look to hard for something that could actually be staring me in the face. So, I carried on...


My Husband Next Door is a collaboration of love in different circumstances. Following a muddle of characters lost in a world of either too much love or not enough love. All in all it opens up to be a book of wonder. If I'm being totally honest with you a book that will make you think about the different circumstances that are unfolding in front of you with a different view than what you would have done before. 

It's hard for me to write a review really because as a whole the story for me was a bit flat and the book did drag on, but thinking about it as a whole once finished has you in wonder. Bizarre hey? 


I'd definitely recommend this book to try as it has seriously got me in two minds.



My Husband Next Door

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