Make My Wish Come True - Fiona Harper

Source: Review Copy courtesy of author

The perfect Christmas swap? 


All Juliet, frazzled single mum and Yuletide domestic goddess, wants for Christmas is a joyful family celebration (even if she does have to wrestle with last-minute angel costume making and mad shopping centre dashes). All her single sister Gemma, an assistant director, wants is a Christmas in the sizzling Caribbean sun, away from diva actors and Hollywood tantrums. Until a sisterly squabble prompts new plans: a Christmas swap. Gemma will spend a cosy, snowy Christmas with her nieces and nephews - not to mention Juliet's gorgeous neighbour Will - whilst Juliet takes Gemma's tropical holiday and unplanned adventures.

I'm kind of in two minds whether I liked this book or not. I mean the plot is superb and the characters fabulous, and some parts were really gripping, but some dragged and I found myself wondering off or putting the book down and I'm not usually one to do that. You know what, I'm unsure if I was having a bad day or the book really did bore me at times. It's weird because I seriously did enjoy it too. 


You know what I'm going to read it again in the new year when I'm all comfy and see what happens. I won't give it a rating either because it's unfair on the author if it was me and not her. Sorry Fiona, I hope you understand.

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