Melting Ms Frost - Kat Black

Source: ARC courtesy of Light Brigade PR for Mischief

How do you thaw the coldest of hearts? Find out in the sexiest romance to hit the shelves this year.


When Aidan Flynn walks into Cluny’s Restaurant, he can’t take his eyes off his new flame-haired boss, Annabel Frost. With his heart set on seducing her, Aidan can think of nothing but getting beneath her cold exterior.


Known as one of the toughest women in the business, Annabel is impervious to Aidan’s many charms, and his grey-eyed gaze and lilting Irish accent do anything but captivate her.


But Aidan knows there’s more to Annabel than meets the eye. And he’s not going to stop until he reveals all…

Melting Ms Frost follows Annabel frost a restaurant manager as she is taken on a long, sensual journey of discovery by new head barman Aiden Flynn.


I was really looking forward to this book that I upped it up to the top of my TBR (I know, I know, naughty Natalie) Once I started reading it I was seriously deflated. I did not get into it at all. It seemed to just go on and on and on and on. I didn't like the flow of the book and I thought attention to detail and structure let it down. In my opinion, the only thing in full detail was the sex scenes. I took an instant dislike to both Annabel and Aiden almost straight away too. Her with her frozen chip on her shoulder and pathetic whining and him as his stalkerish ways and bad attitude.

As I entered the middle of the book both attitudes seemed to drop and the book started to take on a different direction. The tiny bit of a storyline that didn't include sex increased and I found myself enjoying it. I liked the back story to both characters even though l didn't see how they could have affected them like they did, but hey that's just me. So, as I started thinking maybe I'd been a bit hasty in my dislike and boredom once again it took another turn, unfortunately this time downwards!



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