Miss Manners - Iman Sid

Source: Personal Copy


Struggling to pay bills, stuck in a dead-end job and no boyfriend, Anna wants more out of life. Could getting fired change her life forever?


The heroine of Iman Sid's debut, Miss Manners, is working as a shop assistant/celebrity mascot at Harrolds' toy department. After a shocking public event, 25-year-old Anna Borgström is fired and soon left with no job, no money and no car. But after being set an assignment to enter and win the highly popular and televised Miss Manners contest (which aims to find the next headline-making It-girl), things begin to shine again - especially when handsome Henry appears on the scene.


Anna embarks on a journey that sees her getting a makeover and entering a very different world of primping, pampering and partying. Crises and complications attempt to undermine her endeavours, but with the help of friends and a cute new crush, Anna's metamorphosis is set to be winningly magical.


Can the girl next door become the next big thing?

You know when you can just see the story unfolding in front of you after the first few chapters then you're excited to see if you're right? Well that's what I did with Miss Manners. (I was smugly right too by the way)

Being honest I had a few issues with the book though. The fact that Bergstrom is not a hard word to pronounce or read was constantly misinterpreted. The wheelies and fashion sense of Ana was absolutely diabolical and I seriously cringed and tried not to think about what she was wearing. Vile! 

Good things about the book for me was the Witt, and the overall friendship story that it portrays. We all love our mates don't we? And, we would be definitely lost without them. 


An easy, witty and totally girly read, which I'm sure you will find pleasing. 



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