Made in Essex - Laura Ziepe

Source: Courtesy of Avon



Heels are high and hearts are broken ...



Not much of a blurb is it? I don't mind that though as half of the time I don't read them, but I know a lot of people do.


Anyway, have you ever read a book that's so predictable and has so much drama in that you just roll your eyes and think oh really? Well this is one of them books. Well, to me it is anyway, try it you might like it if you like reality TV and that awful programme The Only Way Is Essex. I hate all that crap and as soon as I started Made In Essex I had to grit my teeth and try not to roll my eyes at the overuse in Essex dialogue. Yeah I get it's a plot based in Essex, but come on not every single person overuses the words Hilair, Reem, Babe, Jell, Beauts, Totes, it's absolutely ridiculous. I just couldn't get past it all to be fair and it became apparent that it was nothing but drama, bitch, drama, bitch, drama, bitch. That's not for me at all.




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