Midsummer Magic - Julia Williams

Source: Review copy from Avon


Josie is taking planning her wedding a little too seriously. Harry, her fiance, is starting to feel left-out and overwhelmed… Josie decides a trip to her beautiful family home in Cornwall will be just the thing to get him in the mood, and Harry reluctantly agrees. It’s going to be the first perfect opportunity for chief bridesmaid Diane and best man Ant to meet, too.

But they’ve hardly been in the car five minutes before they’ve declared all out war on one another.

As friendships are tested to the limit, Ant tries to lighten the mood. He suggests the four agree to a dare put forward by Freddie Puck, a famous TV hypnotist.

On Midsummer’s Eve they must go to the spooky standing stones on the cliff and agree to be hypnotised.

Local mythology says that true love and lasting happiness belong to those who plight their troth at midnight on Midsummer’s Eve at the standing stones. But as night falls and Freddie Puck begins to play his mind games Josie, Harry, Diane and Ant discover much more about themselves, those they care about and their destinies than anyone could have imagined …

For once I'm actually lost for words. I do not know what to write. 


(10 minutes later)....  After looking over my notes and staring at the cover of Midsummer Magic,  which is a very beautiful cover I must add, I realised that I couldn't find the right words to write because I was completely confused and disappointed by what I had just read.The book starts off well but quickly starts to lose its way. I didn't like it cutting off into the past with other people it didn't flow right at all for me. It's like it picks up and gets your interest then bang gone. By the time you get to that again the same thing happens it's infuriating.


You will be glad to hear that it does have good points too though. The characters are a good mixed bunch and you do connect with them and also dislike some. The overall plot of the book was original and for that it is worthy of a read.  


Remember these are my opinions and a lot of people will disagree with them. That is fine. I love that books can cause debate and people see and take different things from them.Take a chance on this and let me know how you get on. 



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