Me & You - Claudia Carroll

Source: Review Copy courtesy of Avon

Heartbreaking and uplifting, Me and You is a story about how hard it is to leave our old selves behind, the tough choices we sometimes have to make and how love and friendship can heal the most damaged of hearts.


“I’m fine. I’m sorry. Please take care of him for me. And maybe one day I’ll get to explain.”


Angie knows a lot about her best friend Kitty. She knows Kitty is mad and wild and loves to wear clashing colours. She knows she’s incredibly funny and generous but also very unreliable. And she knows that there is a perfect explanation for Kitty standing her up on her birthday. She thinks she knows everything about Kitty, except she doesn’t.


Kitty knows that she is the happiest she has ever been. She knows she’s so lucky to have a lovely boyfriend, Simon and a best friend like Angie. But what she doesn’t know is that on this night, her past is finally going to catch up with her and change everything.

A few chapters into Me & You I was bored, I just could not relax enough to get into the book. It was a bit everywhere and I was getting frustrated. I obviously carried on after putting it down for a while hoping I wouldn't be so narky with it. After reading the closing sentence to the book, I realised it was 5.59 am, I had been reading for four hours straight without realising. A full indication that the book changed it's direction and pulled me in with it's Irish charm, twists and heartbreak.


Me & you is a book of secrets. Secrets that carry nothing but misery with them. Secrets that can turn a world so far upside down that lies are the only way forward. A dark and daunting tale it may be, but is also filled with love, honesty and the brilliance of friendship.

A book you're not going to want to miss out on.


I recommend this book to anyone wanting a heartfelt and mysterious read.  



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