Let's Call The Whole Thing Off - Jill Steeples

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Reasons why you should never, ever, read your best friend’s diary (even if it has fallen to the floor, pages open oh-so temptingly…):

It’s morally indefensible.

- She would never trust you again.

- You probably know it all anyway…


So what harm could the tiniest peek do…? Answer: Lots! The best reason for never reading your best friend’s diary:

- You might just find out something you really didn’t want to know!


Learning her fiancé, Ed – the guy she’s supposed to marry this weekend! – is having an affair with her best friend, is a devastating bombshell for bride-to-be Anna. Confused, hurt and absolutely livid, she hops on the first train to anywhere-but-here in need of some serious soul searching.Can she ever forgive Ed? Who is Anna ‘sans Ed’? And more importantly, should she go through with the wedding or should she just call the whole thing off?



You know what right, I have been reading some fantastic books lately I really have, but by god it's been brilliant to get back to my beloved chick-lit. Not only getting back to it, but being back with what can only be described as one truly fantastic read.


Let's call the whole thing off follows Anna Who flee's to the seaside unknown to anyone (except her mate Ben) when she discovers her fiancé Ed has been cheating with her best friend and maid of honour Sophie. If that wasn't bad enough it's only a few days before her wedding too.


I adored this book and lapped up every word it gave. I was expecting to be a bit bored if I'm being honest because the blurb does give a lot away. It would have been great to have the whole shock factor of what Anna finds out in Sophie's diary actually in the book and not on it. It really didn't matter though, the book kept throwing one liners, the most bizarre turn of events and gave one hell of a love story.

The characters included were fab!I loved Anna the most she was my sort of girl. Funny, flighty, a tad silly, but with a heart of gold. Ok she read her mates diary like and that's a big no no, but I'll let her off for that under the circumstances. Trailing not far behind her had to be Neil the waiter. Camp, cocky, hysterical, but honourable and adoring.


I've never read anything by Jill Steeples before, and because I loved this so much I've already downloaded her first novel Desperately seeking heaven.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, flirty and brilliant read. This would be a perfect beach read and should be on every e-reader leaving for sun & sand. Or even the park, to bed, on the train... Yeah you get the picture :)


 One hilarious tale of love, heartbreak, shot guns, drug dealers and Dave.


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