Little Beach Street Bakery - Jenny Colgan

Source: Courtesy of Little Brown books


I absolutely love Jenny Colgan novels you are always guarenteed smooth writing and riveting plots, and always without a doubt they will be full to bursting with love.


Bankrupt and recently separated from partner Chris, Polly 32 is looking for somewhere to live and a job with no luck at all until she spots something online. A place she visited one time on a school outing, Mount Polbearne. A tidal island just off Cornwall. A spacious flat on top of an empty building within her budget and although shabby dark and grey something about it made Polly reach for the phone.


Oh what a wonderful, wonderful book. I am beyond besotted with it. I am seriously on a high from reading it and I know without a doubt I am going to have one hell of a book hangover for the next few days. Without a doubt this is Jenny's best book by far. The detail, warmth, friendships and loyalty is huge and you are sucked in with complete joy, heartbreak and love. It's amazing.

The calling of a quaint village life were everyone's happy and willing to help each other to me is utterly magical and I couldn't get enough. The characters are all completely different which helps you find yourself in someone and allows you to connect with them. The bonds formed in LBSB with humans and let's just say extremely unusual things are truly fantastic and it's lovely to see and read about. We all love our friends and we would do anything for them which makes this pull on your heart strings more. As usual with a Colgan book there's never a roll of the eye if there's something you may have seem coming, nothing's cliched or extreme, just utterly pleasurable.


My book of the year so far. 


Quaint village life, lots of bread, love, and drama, and one very special sea bird.



Polly Waterford is recovering from a toxic relationship. Unable to afford their flat, she has to move miles away from everyone, to a sleepy little seaside resort in Cornwall, where she lives alone above an abandoned shop.


And so Polly takes out her frustrations on her favourite hobby: making bread. But what was previously a weekend diversion suddenly becomes far more important as she pours her emotions into kneading and pounding the dough, and each loaf becomes better and better. With nuts and seeds, olives and chorizo, with local honey (courtesy of local bee keeper, Huckle), and with reserves of determination and creativity Polly never knew she had, she bakes and bakes and bakes . . . And people start to hear about it.


Sometimes, bread really is life . . . And Polly is about to reclaim hers.

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