Jingle My Way - Tetonia Blossom

Source: Review Copy courtesy of Cerridwyn Publishing

Determined to live despite her failing heart, Nina Carter is finally beginning to realize that while she survived her heart attack, her marriage did not. Nostalgic for a real white Christmas, she heads to Colorado—minus her husband—to spend the holidays with her sister's picturesque family. What she doesn’t expect is her reaction to her sister's jerk of a brother-in-law, Jack. The passion he rekindles threatens to steal her damaged heart away from the husband who no longer deserves it, but new complications with her health leave Nina doubting whether she has a future at all.


 Jack Spears could be a bit of a jokester, but never a jerk. That is until he met Nina. Even his attempts to apologize end up with her in tears. What starts out as a plan to prove to Nina that he’s really a nice guy quickly morphs into feelings he knows he shouldn’t be having for another man's wife. 


He's got plenty of snow and the one horse open sleigh; now all Jack needs is to convince Nina to jingle his way. 

What a great book this is. Jam packed full of, well, everything. It's dramatic, but lovely and has you gripped completely. 


Dual narrated by Nina Carter and Jack Spears. Nina a lonely married lady who's treated invisibly by her husband and is recovering from a serious heart attack. Jack a hard-working and lovely man with a heart of gold who's currently split from his long term girlfriend. 


I liked that we got to see both of sides of the story by both Nina and Jack. It brings so much more emotion and helped with the flow of the book. 


A heartwarming Christmas read full of anticipation twists and turns. 



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