Just in Case - Chrissie Manby

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Never were there two less similar identical twins than Clare and Rosie Marwood. Though they were born within three minutes of each other and spent their childhoods dressed in matching outfits, they’ve grown up to have less in common than Kim Kardashian and the Duchess of Cambridge.


So both women are horrified when a luggage mix-up means that sensible Clare must attend a company conference in the United States with Rosie’s suitcase full of pink, frills and stripper heels, while flamboyant Rosie heads for a friend’s destination wedding in Italy's Tuscany with Clare’s case full of suiting and sensible courts. Both believe wearing the other’s clothes is going to ruin their chances: Clare’s of getting a promotion and Rosie’s of getting a snog. But as three days of literally having to walk in each other’s shoes unfold, will the sisters discover they should try to be more like each other after all?


I'm a huge Chrissie Manby fan and have been for many years now, I always look out for her books and I was gutted to realise I had for some unknown reason not put my ARC PDF of Just In Case in my diary to read. Apologies to you Chrissie.


So, as you know I'm a big lover of short stories and when a short story has enough detail and the right flow it can floor you just as much as a full length one. This is one of those that have you feeling it from the off and finishing with a smile. I have to admit it was pretty obvious where the book was heading at the beginning and it did put me off slightly. That did not spoil it for me though, it was fresh, pleasant, full of life and fun. The Marwood twins are fantastic heroines and their story is a nice, all rounded one that has you wishing them both the best.


This is a perfect read for the upcoming summer months.

It's a bargain at 99p too.



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