How to Lose Weight and Alienate People - Ollie Quain 

Source: Courtesy of Mira Books


Is there such a thing as the perfect body?


Vivian Ward thinks she is in total control of her life. Actually...she's thirty five, an out-of-work actress who puts more effort into partying than getting good parts, is estranged from her family and emotionally unavailable to her boyfriend.


Truth is, the only thing she's in control of is what's on her plate...


But then she meets movie star Maximilian Fry, who's just as screwed up, and journeys into a world of celebrity even more damaging than the one she was already living in. Will image triumph, or will she realise that some of her answers lie within?


When Mira got in touch with me to review How to lose weight and alienate people, I wasn't too keen. I decided to take it to review anyway as I've had my eyes opened to a few books this way and it's always been a great surprise. 


I didn't like it much to be honest. I didn't take at all to heroine Vivian, or the story that surrounded her past. I found it all a bit pushed and far-fetched. When you read it you will understand what I mean by that. I can't say anymore as I won't give away spoilers. I felt like I was on a merry go round going around and round and not getting anywhere.

It did pick up near the end though, and I did enjoy that part. It sped up, the flow was better, and it didn't irritate me so much that Maximilian was used in every sentence that came out of Vivian's mouth. If I ever hear that name again I think I'll scream. 

Apart from Vivian I actually liked quite a few characters in the book, especially Luke her so-called boyfriend. Charming, handsome and just wanting to be loved. How could you not like that? 


Overall I did giggle a lot and that has to be noted. As a debut I wouldn't go as far to say read, read, read, but I would say take a look. 

I will look out for author Ollie Quain in the future as the quirk and giggle factor she gave are worthy of a second chance to me.



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