Heiress, P.I. - Amanda Mahan

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Heiress, P.I. is described as Veronica Mars meets Gossip Girl...


Meet Lucy Hansen. She’s the richest teenager in the world – and possibly the shyest. She doesn’t flash her business to the paparazzi as she’s getting out of limos or send selfies while smoking salvia. No, Lucy hides behind her frizzy bangs, environmental causes and organic hemp-blend sweats. Her one true friend (and secret crush) Holden is the poorest kid in Beverly Hills – and probably the scrappiest. He interns for a famous private investigator, and when he asks Lucy to help him crack a case, her life turns from tame to tabloid, from glum to glam, from private to private eye. And when the trail leads directly to her hotel magnate father, it’s up to Lucy to solve the case by infiltrating Hollywood’s most elite and unwelcoming club: Celebutantes. Teens who are famous for, well… being famous.


Along the way, “LuHan” endures wardrobe malfunctions, fake romances, compromising videos-turned-YouTube hits, unflattering mug shots and – worst of all – a makeover. Now Lucy has to save her father, dodge the paparazzi, and keep her IRL ID on the DL – all while maybe, almost, possibly having her first real kiss.


If you’ve ever read the tabloids and wondered, “What was she thinking?” then HEIRESS, P.I. offers one possible answer.



Aaahhhh are you actually messing with that ending? I hate, I hate, I hate not knowing things! OK, yeah I love a cliff hanger, but not when you've half heartily liked a book until half way through then just as you're completely engrossed and loving it, it abruptly finishes. Oh I'm so unhappy. Amanda Mahan you so best get that sequel out soon lady.


After a rocky start, Heiress P.I turned out to be one hell of a ride. It had my eyes popping, my heart racing and my head near ready to explode. A fantastic book that's bang on trend for 2014. A fast-paced book of excitement, rohypnol and megayachts, pink wigs and crystal tiara's, secrets and lies, Greek hunks and sex tapes, love, Paris, and the destiny of one Families fortune and legacy.



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