Letters To Young Chong - Melanie-Jo Moore

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Ok, so was asked to read 'Letters To Young Chong' by the author herself. It was passed on with the same description as above. I actually got quite excited about it. My twitter followers will know I was needing something a bit out of the norm as I was constantly reading similar books. I got stuck right in with enthusiasm and I can honestly say I was totally shocked to the core!

Now, being from different parts of the world maybe the behaviour at her end is acceptable, but it's far from acceptable here in Liverpool. I'm not from a good area myself, I'm from a poor area full of the normal badness, drugs, gangs, etc... I am far from the shy away type and I'll give more than what I can take. I was in my mothers words in my youth and possibly still today 'a bitch'. Trouble was me. So for me to be shocked it's clear to you all how bad it was.

I'm actually intrigued to find out more about this actually if I'm honest, how life can be so very, very different in different places.

I've read a few real life stories but not so many memoirs, this was different to them though. I understand it was about friendship, but it made no sense to why. I mean we all could write down our memories about our nearest and dearest couldn't we? We'd get a few laughs, a few shocks, but surely there has to be a point! This to me seemed pointless. I was expecting big things by the way that some of the build up to situations had been penned and dramatised up to be, I felt constantly deflated by lack of well lack of everything. Maybe this is just me I'm unsure. To be fair though, regardless of the fact I deemed it pointless, It still had me wanting to find out more. Maybe I looked at it as a story, maybe I don't understand this type of writing. I did like it though and because I wanted to know more about certain times and certain situations that can only be a good thing, right?

The one thing I really did like and appreciated greatly was her honesty. For that I praise Melanie highly. She did face some very negative and testing times and I'm hoping by writing about them, she was able to release some of the angers and frustrations within.

I'll hold my hands up and say I really don't know if this is a book that can actually be reviewed. I am also very intrigued to see the sequel as I'm unsure which way it will go.

I will say to you all to go try it out though. It's always surprising to be in someone else's world and in this case your entering a extraordinary world of a fearless young woman.

Booze, sex, and good times. What more could you ask for from a memoir? Letters To Young Chong is much like the pickled ginger on a sushi plate. As a reader, sometimes you need something spicy to cleanse your palate between complex books. That is what you will find here.

Letters To Young Chong is based on the friendship that developed between Melissa Moore and myself. No relation at all. We were often confused as the same person or considered twins. It was a rough start having to share my name. I was sure I would hate that name stealing girl for all of time. Thank goodness I finally got over that. I could not imagine life without her.

Through the beginning chapters, you will read how our friendship was built. In our rural area, we weren’t provided with the luxuries of entertainment big city kids have. We learned how to keep ourselves occupied with fast cars, booze and each other.

The friendship survives years of separation and abusive relationships. When we finally meet up again, we fall right back into step. It is obvious though that time has taken its toll and the situations we have lived through change our outlook on the world forever.

So grab a stiff drink and join the Young Chong experience! Jump on the crazy train that readers are describing as an addicting, rowdy story that will make you bust out laughing and cry your eyes out. If you survive this ride, you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for the sequel!

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