Since her mother's sudden death, Emma’s been, unable to really grieve, because in a way, her mum’s still there - kept ‘alive’ by machines for the sake of the baby growing inside her.


And as Emma watches her old life fall apart around her, it sometimes feels like she’s the one who died instead. Like she needs someone to remind her how to breathe.


Until she meets Caleb, a boy whose anger and loss could match her own – and who might have the power to make Emma finally feel like her heart’s started beating again.

Heartbeat - Elizabeth Scott

Source: Courtesy of Mira Ink


You know when some times you read a book and it becomes that real and that raw for you that you are not just completely hooked, but you are completely lost too. Lost in something so real, so dramatic and so painstakingly rare that after you finish reading it you sit for a while, still, silent, with so many different thoughts in your mind, so many questions you need to ask, so much heartfelt emotion you think was that really just fiction? That is heartbeat. A rare complex situation surrounding death and birth in one. Anger, heartache, romance, all rolled into one big ball and thrown at you in a cloud of mesmerising words. Without a doubt one of the most amazing YA books I have ever read.


Without a doubt you should get yourself a copy and for a short time submerge yourself into something so completely out of your depth that you fall totally in love with the characters and can't fathom a situation like it in your life.


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