Good Pussy Bad Pussy - A. Aimee

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Most married women only dream of having sex with other men, but Rachel actually does. And it gets her into all kinds of trouble. From Amsterdam to the French Riviera to New York City…from her blond lover Stefan, to aristocratic Albert, and mad doctor Howard, Rachel tastes forbidden fruit – and likes it. That is until life takes a very surprising turn!


I really don't know how to write a review for this book. I really don't know what I've just read. I'm a bit confused. 


So, here we have a book with a title and cover that fits the erotica genre down to a tee. We have a blurb that's straight and different, very enticing, yes? Well I thought so anyway. I knew I might have been shocked in parts because the reviews I've seen for Good Pussy Bad Pussy were extremely controversial because of the sex and abuse in it. To be totally honest with you, I just didn't like it. It was flat and confusing, and I went in expecting erotica, but in fact I got a little erotica mixed with weird. I found it hard to read as it went in different directions within each paragraph, nothing matched. Even conversations went that way. They would start saying one thing, but half way through for no reason whatsoever change the conversation into something else. My head was everywhere! There was no character build up to allow any type of connection, and Heroine Rachel came across as a terrible person. I actually really disliked her. The abuse in it baffled me, as it wasn't really abuse if she enjoyed it. Oh it's just so confusing. It's a real shame I feel this way because I was really looking forward to this book so much.


I hate that I've had to write a bad review. Please remember though, we are all totally different, and you may like this book. It has a lot of good reviews as well as bad and like I said from them this truly is a controversial book. I'd actually love to hear some of your thoughts on it. Tweet me and let me know if you do get a chance to read it.



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