Don't Tell Penny - Anna Bell

Source: Personal Copy


Lou and Penny have been best friends forever, so when Penny tells Lou she’s sure tonight’s the night fiancé Mark will finally propose, Lou couldn't be more pleased for her.

But when the moment arrives, Lou can't help but wonder if marriage might be the furthest thing from Mark’s mind, and Penny hasn't noticed a thing!

Could it fall on Lou to break the news gently, or will Mark bend his knee before it's just too late?


What a fantastic little read. 


We follow Lou as she prepares for the night her best - and wedding obsessed - friend Penny gets engaged. Well so Penny thinks. She's positive tonight's the night and as much as Lou wants it to be true, she has a suspicion it's really not going to go the way Penny thinks. 


I love a bit of drama in a book me and that is totally what Anna Bell has given us here with Don't Tell Penny. From the off you're waiting for fireworks, and you're on the edge of your seat as suspense just keeps building. It's lucky it's a short read otherwise I might have combust with anticipation. It's really a fab little read.


I did have one slight problem with DTP though, and that was Penny. I really didn't take to her at all. Her obsession of being perfect and having the best grated on me. I really just found her completely selfish. I loved Lou though, she is amazing! A solid and reliable friend who says it how it is, but in the nicest way possible. She absolutely stole the show for me in this book. 


It's a fab little Insight to book Don't Tell The Groom, and it was great to see a bit on how things started and who's who. I enjoyed it a lot. I know prequels are usually read after book one, but I read it first and I'm actually glad I did. 


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