Desperately Seeking Heaven - Jill Steeples

Source: Courtesy of Carina via Netgalley


Love always comes when you least expect it, at least that's what PA Alice Fletcher tells herself as she looks forward to another Friday night of trash telly and wine-for-one. But what happens when the unexpected is daytime TV crush Jimmy Mack, and he's sitting on your couch watching the news...of the accident that claimed his life?



Soon, Alice finds her ordered life turned upside down by helping Jimmy right the wrongs 


So I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks as I write. I have literally just put down this amazing book. I have read some brilliant and heart warming things in my time, but this really did get to me. 

I knew it was going to be something special by the cover. It sang to me and I got a sense of warmth when I looked at it. I didn't for one minute expect it to embrace me in warmth though. 


So, we follow Alice Fletcher as she finds herself at the scene of a road traffic accident comforting the driver of the crashed car. Taking him home to her flat to make sure he's okay as he refuses to go home or to a doctor, Alice soon realises that he's actually daytime TV presenter and all round sex god James McArthur, or more so know as Jimmy Mack. Something wasn't right though, she feels on edge, strange, strangely calm, but extremely weary. She finds out why when she realises Jimmy Mack who's sat right next to her on the couch, snuggled into her duvet, drinking a mug of tea is in fact dead! Somehow unbeknown to Alice, she is the only one who can see or hear him. He's stuck in between two worlds and he hasn't got a clue how to get to the other side, all he knows is that Alice has been chosen to help him for a reason. So together they go about finding how to help Jimmy cross over to where he's supposed to be.


I really can't gush enough about this book. It is honestly so enchanting that from the very start you find yourself emotionally involved. It is such a clever and exciting plot and I praise Jill Steeples for that. It is beautifully written and has you giggling, laughing out loud, tutting, crying, oh it just has you doing everything. Jill has a wicked sense of humour and it is displayed greatly in this read. Characters are kept to a minimum which I think worked brilliantly for this type of book. I adored heroine Alice. She is a warm, affectionate person who really would be a fantastic friend. She's witty and honest, but extremely kind. My heart went out to her and I think she'll probably still have it for a few more weeks. Or in other words 'until I stop bloody crying. I mean come on Natalie, it's been twenty minutes since you finished it. Get a grip!

Jimmy Mack is the perfect gentleman. A man we all want. Good looking, honest, extremely romantic, but an overall good guy. He had me in hysterics with his mischievous spooking and naughtiness. I hated knowing I was getting to the end of the book knowing that soon he wouldn't be with us anymore. 


No, really am gunna stop here, 'cos there's pure snot an everything on me paper. I'm such a girl! (Sorry, a bit of scousness there for you all)


Desperately Seeking Heaven is without a doubt one of those books that are heart warming and soul destroying at the same time. For me to be in the state I am, well lets just say that takes some doing. Jill you're in serious trouble! 


A book that is so brilliantly enchanting and beautiful you fall in love with it from the start. 


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