Dear Lizzie - Annie Lyons

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Two sisters. Twelve letters. One year that changes everything.


Lizzie and Bea Harris were always very close. They were sisters and nothing could tear them apart. Until Bea dies at the age of thirty-five, leaving her sister twelve letters and a mission that will change Lizzie’s life forever.


Alone for the first time Lizzie is left trying to pull together the pieces of a life she has for so long ignored. With Bea’s list of last requests, Lizzie has a chance to finally find a place for herself in the world - out from under the shadow of her sister.


What a beautiful tale of love this book is. From the very start to the very end you are captivated and cannot get enough of darling Lizzie and her recently deceased sisters Bea's letters. The concept of the letters was brilliant and worked perfectly alongside a heart and family so consumed with grief. I found it all to be utterly devastating and needing to remind myself that it was fiction.  The plot is so unbelievably deep and at times overwhelming. It throws unexpected bombshells at you at the most random times and has you hoping with all your heart for a positive way out for Lizzie.

The characters are all perfectly balanced to bring good and bad with them. Lizzie was the most loveliest part of the book for me. Her story was heartbreaking, but it was so good to see her blossom and fight out of her shell. I adored Sammy, he was a typical boisterous ten year old who craved fun, happiness and to be loved. It was heartbreaking seeing him so lost after the death of his mother. Lizzie's boss and landlady, Mrs Nussbaum is a crank. She's a wise old bird with plenty of love for Lizzie and she made me giggle with her mix of English/German Dialogue.


Annie Lyons has proven to be a skilled and extremely talented writer with this book, it truly is something special. She hits on so many emotions all at once that you honestly don't know if you are coming or going. 


I recommend this book to any reader of any age of any gender. You will all find something in this read to connect with. Whether it be love, grief or healing. 

It is truly a wonderful read. 



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